Panasonic WJ-MX 50

Hello people!

Im planning to buy Panasonic WJ-MX50A from ebay USA (Im from Europe), but Im worried about NTSC/PAL issue. Do you know if it works with both? Also, is the power supply 110 v / 220 or both? Any1 can help?

hi, the mx50a is indeed NTSC. i’m not sure if there is a PAL version made, but if it’s from the US, it will definitely be NTSC.
also, the power spec is 120V (us wall power standard). so you would need a step down transformer from the power spec of your locale.

There is a PAL version of the MX50. I looked into converting and it would be a complex job that only an experienced technician could do - there are several dozen components that need to be changed over, and if I remember rightly there was also a ROM which would need to be reverse engineered and replicated (unless you have a one available from a broken PAL donor unit).

You’ll need to keep searching for a PAL unit, I’m sorry :frowning:

Ahh ok, thanks!