Panasonic wj-mx12 input source faulty

Hi, I´m Mateo from Spain. I experimented for some time with video_waaaves and wanted to try some analog video gear so I got the wj-mx12. The rca inputs on the back seem to be working badly, and video outputs in bw and very glitchy. I already checked the PAL/NTSC configurations and all the cables. At this point I´m pretty sure it has something to do with either the electronic components on the input or the encoder/decoder process. Any help or info is appreciated since I will be opening it up tomorrow or the next day. Thanks.

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Hi Mateo! Greetings from Buenos Aires. Recently bought and Mx12 from fb and im having the same problems. i fixed the glitches switching the cables but now i only have B/W img. ive been reading on this blog that it may be some internal issues. If you manage to fix it i would love to hear from you!


I haven’t used the mx12 but with mixers the black and white issue could be fixed by making sure you’re mixing between the sources correctly, like they arnt reversed which would show the video but probably without color.