Panasonic WJ-MX50 + Mezkalin Constructor Issue

I just recently got a wj-mx50 and the new constructor v2 from mezkalin. For output, I run the signal to a Commodore 1702 and an hdmi capture card via distribution amplifier. I can give a more detailed signal chain if need be!

The only issue I’m running into is that when getting into crazier glitches from the constructor, my image starts to have green frames or go completely green or dark. Is this something to do with the mx50’s built in correction? I have had someone recommend a sync_ope but I am not educated enough on the topic to know what this does. Wanted to get some opinions and more advice here as I’m very new to all of this!

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Glitch!

The problem you describe is tbc (time based corrector related): Your analog glitched signal is not recognized as a signal anymore by your digital device (mixer or capture card). This results in blue-, green or whatever screens.

Solution could be sync_ope (“repairing” the signal) or a mixer with a better tbc.

Check out Yovozol’s excellent video on tbcs:

The (to my mind) much better way is rescanning: Get an analogue CRT or tiny PVM, glitch your footage and rescan the screen. For rescanning you don’t need a super expensive camera - also an old Hi8 camcorder will do! As you don’t have ANY digital device in your signal chain, you won’t get any dropouts.

(In the beginning I run into exactly the same issues by trying to prevent using a capture card - but my rescanning results were so much better - and less frustrating).

Mostly I don’t use a mixer anymore (maybe you need it for a live setup?) - as I do most stuff in post-production.



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Thank you! This was all very helpful. I’ve found that the TBC that is in the WJ-MX50 doesn’t play nicely with the Constructor going in as a source.

I’m going to try:

  1. Placing it at the very end of the signal chain, after my mixer and before going into my CRT

  2. Bypassing the mixer all together to see what results I get that way

Luckily, I have a hi-8 camcorder already! Going to try rescans tonight as well! I’m going to remove the capture card from my setup all together for now while I try out the new workflow.

I don’t VJ or anything, but I record live bands on the hi-8 camera and then upload that footage to my pc. I’ll make an edit and then run that through the constructor and CRT for rescanning and overlay some of the glitches in a final edit.