PCB layout help

Hello People,

Could you have a look at this and let me know if you see any PCB layout design flaws?

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Hi @Vhs_lord, maybe you also want to describe and provide us with some context about the project you’re working on?


sure, this is micro archer being made, tiny version of archer enchanter, only 3x7 cm.

The thing is, im not experienced in pcb routing, so id like to find out if the distances between routs seems good, and if overall placement holes and components has got no visual flaws?

…for about 20 years i have very good experience asking such questions and finding very good answers here (german language, but they understand and answer in english also): DIY Synthesizer Löten und Selbstbau | Sequencer & Synthesizer-Forum

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…another place - that i am a member of for a couple of years and where such things are discussed - is the Mod Wiggler DIY-Sub-Forum: Music Tech DIY - MOD WIGGLER - the also have a subforum for Video Synthesis: Video Synthesis - MOD WIGGLER

…please let me know if it is not appropriate to post such ‚general’ links, that is: without direct relation to the topic of this thread…

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Each board house will have a page describing their dimension tolerances and minimum spacings. Information for example for JLCPCB and Oshpark are below. Many PCB layout packages also allow you to set the design rules and run a test, and if you poke around you should be able to find readymade design rules that are reasonable. Below is also an example of JLCPCB rules for KiCad. Also keep in mind that you should probably try to go a bit bigger than the minimums trace sizes where possible. Good luck!



Thank you very much all, that’s exact guidance I was looking for!