Phase space flea market/demo zone/general meetup march 19th

we will have some extra space at this event if anyone else nearby (this is located in brooklyn NY) is interested in bring any video gear over to sell/swap. hit us up at at gmail dot com if yr interested in having a table!


B/c of thunderstorms happening on saturday we are pushing this to sunday 3-20 !

I’d post/move such threads into #streams-hangs - what do we think about this? Mostly because of their geographically-limited appeal

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yeah i think that makes sense. it seems cool to have somewhere to put local meetups but it could end up spamming the main board if it happened a lot?

I’ve spent like the past two weeks wondering what will be available at the flea market and what I’m missing out on. Take pics!

you missed a giant creepy bloody pig mask, lots of possibly semi broken tube camera stuffs, several issues of Richard Corben’s Den, donuts, and several bins of things i thought i would fix and never did

oh I already have like three creepy blood pig masks