Phase space open projector

hello scanlines folks ! i am not sure how many of you are in the new york city area, but i just wanted to share that we are having an “open projector” here at phase space on wednesday. this is like an open mic but for a/v works – anyone can bring a <5 minute piece to screen. it should be fun!

we are also planning another a/v show for next month called “hyperborealis” which i am quite excited about, and we are doing an AVEmod build next month also.

here is the link to our event registration: Phase Space withfriends


I’m gonna be in nyc 9/21-9/24. Any events going on then? :slight_smile: was hoping to pop by and see the space!

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we don’t have any events during that time, but if you would like to just stop by and say hello you can send me a DM on here and we can set it up!

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we actually added another class to our calendar because @andrei_jay will be around that week (we thought they would be traveling).

it’s on wednesday september 22. here is the link:

Hi there!

I’m in Brooklyn and looking for Video Artists to collaborate with. I’m a musician who plays wind controlled synths. Would one of the open projector events be a good way to meet some folks?

“Open projector” is a fun idea! I missed this one, but do you expect to hold these again, on a regular basis?

In my best fashion, landed in nyc with some good ol food poisoning… really bummed I’m not going to make it!