Phosphorm now available on my github

the a/v synth i designed for the waaave_pool distro is up for grabs on my githubs now! this is set up to run on the basic wp set up with a nanokontrol and analog breakout cables out! though if you want some super crisp lines i definitely reccommend getting an external DAC going on (the DAC image is set up for plug and play with the hifiberry DAC plus pro, anything else yall will need to configure yrselves). you can also send out a pretty janky version of the audio vectorscope via the analog video outputs into yr sd analog signal chains!


Does this or any of your other apps run on Pi 4 by chance? Really want to try some of your stuff out and I’ve already got an extra Pi4. Really awesome work dude!

they will run, but not out of the gate, you can maybe give it a shot with the images provided but i think its unlikely, i have got them to run with doing a bit of work installing oF and configuring things but theres still some glitches with the gl for the newer raspians that have made the 4s really substandard for video work. not sure if the older raspbians work on pi4 but i would guess perhaps not?

pretty sure you cant run the older os on pi4. has to be buster. you can run buster on the older hardware though, but havent tried at all to see if anything is cross compatible.

what are gl glitches that make it a show stopper for you @andrei_jay ? i havnt tried anything on a pi4 yet (although i do have one here patiently waiting) , but should get round to trying to port recur sooner or later

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screen tearing, lack of full screen windowing, and also shaders and the oF c++ seems to work more slowly in buster. unsure what exactly is the issue but i think the different way that the new oS dynamically allocates gpu and vram as opposed to the fixed architecture allocation might be a part of it. ive had to do some experiments with updating the kernel on a fork of my waaave pool environment (stretch 2019 04 08) to 4.19 (the first buster kernel), and ive noticed a lot more c++ warnings popping up when compiling (warnings that never showed up before kernel updates) and a much slower compile times in general, tho actual performance once compiled seems to be the same and with none of the buster gl issues.

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