Phosphorm vserpi

hello could someone help me to understand how to make the phosphorm work correctly as reactive audio, I have the waave pool + HAT hifiberry DAC 2pro.

It works but I don’t feel it is really audioreactive, I am inputting the audio via RCA from some tracks on my computer.

On the other hand, I would like to know if the phosphorm can be used with footage input via usb to my VSERPI.


I don’t believe the Phosphorm has an audio reactive capability as-is. I’m also not sure how it would be used with footage, it’s an oscillographics module.

this is correct, phosphorm is an audio visual synthesizer, not a processor. all audio, video, and vector signals are generated internally, with intended output to an oscilloscope in xy mode

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I am studying a lot with the phosphorm manual and I want to understand how to make a work with my VSERPI plus the edirol v8 Mixer and then capture it in video footage and with my own sound from my drum machine, such as this work by Paloma KOP:


Do you have an analog/CRT oscilloscope to connect to the Phosphorm? It’s not strictly required, but you’ll get the best results that way. If you do have a scope then you’ll want a camera to point at it to capture and feed into the V8 mixer. If you don’t have a scope, then you can use the PP video out directly into the V8. You can then combine the PP output with other video sources using the keying etc on the V8. You can then record the output of the V8 either onto some sort of physical media, like a VHS, or into a computer using a capture card.

Music could be added as you capture, but the simpler approach is to add the music afterwards, when editing the video.

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thank you very much, :slight_smile:

… I have a sony pvm-8042q that I am remodeling because this with a pinkish tint that I can not improve, with this CRT I thought I could use it as vectorscope/osciloscope, just as I only connect the VSERPI + HAT DAC ADC, which brought the phosphorn to IN audio rca that brought music from the computer, and use the hdmi OUTPUT to a normal screen and the figure of phosphorm was observed with the nanokorg control hiba modulating but I did not understand how the part that the pulses work. . let’s say the “audioreactive”.
I should buy an oscloscope? there are very cheap ones here in Mexico City with two bands… thanksssssss i really apreciate this!

all of the audio in palomas video was generated using phosphorm and the OGA, both of which are a/v tools created specifically for vector graphics.

the main issue with trying to use just any old sound sources (vocals, synths, guitars, drum machines) for vector graphics is that most stuff just isn’t really going to do anything really interesting out of the box. Vector graphics usually require (at least) a stereo pair of droning (no envelopes, no transients) oscillators that can be phase locked with the ability to offset phase just enough for interesting lissajous patterns to show up.

If i was trying to integrate a drum machine along with phosphorm in a vector graphics situation, i would mix the output of phosphorm along with the drum machine and then into the oscilloscope. i would also try to mostly use kick drum/tom sounds and avoid cymbal/snare sounds as the latter contain lots of filtered noise which would just make the output look noisy. if i had a chorus pedal or digital delay pedal with individual left/right delay amount controls to add a jury rigged stereo spread to the drum sounds that would be handy too.

and yeah, if you can find an oscilloscope with x/y mode around that has a range into mhz that is probably a good thing to have! modifying crt into a scope is fun too, but the range is limited on those and you wouldn’t be able to get the same kind of complex intricate patterns as what you see in magnetic field recordings

Thanks for your help, I have a sherman filter bank 2 and several delay and reverb pedals, in addition to my synths, so I want to experiment with oscilloscope and phosphorm and ODA. I am going to buy a LEADER LBO 514A 15MHZ oscilloscope, which has two inputs for each component x,y and a trigger input… which I am interested to see with my sherman filter bank.
I hope I don’t burn anything… thank you very much for your help!! keep in touch.

yeah the trigger input would actually be good for transients going thru the filter bank as that just increases intensity of the signal. using the phosphorm to do filter fm through the sherman would probably be pretty handy too…