PhotoMosh-Pro Realtime video fx app

I’m a big fan of hardware glitch and video fx gear, but folks often ask for software alternatives to do realtime effects… and there aren’t a huge number of great options.

Anyway I came across his cross-platform desktop app that is actually pretty good, and put together a video on it. Some of youse might find it interesting…


great video! thank you for the overview I hadn’t heard of this app before either.

So I’ll so that I couldn’t tell from your video how the datamoshing was doing but by their website it looks much closer than any of the other implementations I’ve seen in software. The signal culture datamoshing app looks cool but doesn’t really look like datamoshing to me and I’ve seen lots of people try to do it with touchdesigner but they always just end up looking like variations on people creating different “analog glitch” effects

I’ve been datamoshing for a couple years now and have actually made my own process that I’ve not seen implemented before that makes it predictive datamoshing rather than traditional datamoshing.

here is my most recent DM video

this type of app can be great and you are certainly right that it really is about what you as an artist are bringing to the table.

datamoshing and optical flow are probably the bits I would be most interested in.

I don’t typically do any glitching in my actual video synthesis workflows so when I want to glitch it is all about glitch.

thanks again


Just downloaded this and made my first video. So many options and this will go well with my video hardware. Thanks for the heads up.

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