Photos from PHOTON PLAYGROUND at phase space

here are some photos i just finished editing from the show we had last week at phase space here in brooklyn !

here is @evaguila setting up and then performing:

a portal installation by Rita Jiménez (@iritadescent on instagram)

interactive installations by @schaferob of his breadboarded HD analog devices…

more installation views - some by @andrei_jay @schaferob @landbuoy

and some from our a/v set as NUDE ILLUSION / NEW DELUSION !

it went really well, and we are excited to have hosted our first (semi) public event in our new space ! we intend to organize another show in the fall, and in the meantime we will keep hosting smaller workshops etc.


Was there a live stream of this? I need more live streams in my life.

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some more scanlines live streams coming v soon i rekon