Preparing video for transcoding by streaming platforms?

How have you worked around changes in video color composition when uploading video to streaming platforms? I found some settings for YouTube that work alright, but it seems like different platforms use different transcoding settings.

I’m uploading video files to Slideroom and it’s amazing how totally different they look after I upload them. I worked around it, but I basically had to over-color correct and oversharpen my videos so they look good when crunched through Slideroom’s compression. It’s almost like working with RGB vs. CMYK when preparing files for print media. The typical understanding of digital files is that “what you copy is what you paste”, but this is not true when uploading video files for streaming (or in many other cases).

Figured it out. I needed to add some flags to define the colorspace in my ffmpeg script.

-color_primaries 1 -color_trc 1 -colorspace 1