[project] JOG, precision voltage source

JOG is a (video) voltage source with a multiturn Bourns potmeter for precise adjustments.
Finetune your VCO / modulation source / FM inputs etc.

Current state: ready to launch. I have 4 pcb sets in stock.
The frontpanel graphics might get an update with the next order.
Let me know if you are interested !

10 turn potmeter to adjust the output voltage (VAR jack)
4 static voltages
1 variable voltage, switchable from -1v to +1v → 0v to +1v

Trimpot details:
trimpot 1 sets the 5v input to a 0v to 5v range (set to 1v for video purposes)
trimpot 2 sets the ‘trimpot 1 value output’ to a 0 to 1v range (set to 0.5v for example)
so then :
jack1 : -0.5v
jack2: +0.5v
jack3: -1v
jack4: +1v
jack5: variable voltage 0 to 1v or -1 to +1v (according to trimpot settings)
→ selectable with the switch

If you place a 78l09 instead of a 78l05 voltage regulator you could use this for audio / CV ranges too. (for example, ±8v or ± 5v)

pcb panel picture so you can see the graphics better:

8HP black panel
Skiff friendly
Current draw: +12v: 11mA, -12v: 11mA


…<sigh> - yes, i saw your announcenment in the scroll-thread on the LZX-site…

…yet another item added to the shopping list <sigh!>…

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Very cool!