[Project] Sync Generator modification

@BastienL and I were talking about a modification of the LZX Cadet C1 Sync generator

Because the 6pin XVCO is obsolete, it is hard to start out with a Cadet system right now.

Bastien has designed a XVCO adapter board that uses a 27MHz crystal and a flipflop divider to get the required 13.5MHz
This board could be soldered on an adapted C1 pcb.


I have recently made a modified layout for the sync generator for an art project, so it would be easy to add this to to board.

We were thinking to add some additional mods:

  1. RCA sync output on the back
  2. 1v or 5v signal for the jack outputs via a jumper setting so that it becomes easier to use these with audio modules
  3. delaying the sync pulse to produce a kind of phase shift

The design will be open source and Gerber files will be posted on Github

Bastien was also thinking that the code could be adjusted to work with the 27MHz directly
but both of us don’t know how to do that. If anyone would like to help with that…it would be great!

If anyone has tips or ideas, please post them!


see here for added discussions:

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