Python automation = generative opengl


These graphics and color combinations are looking very good. Is the source code open to people who are interested?

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It will be soon. I’ve been experimenting for the past few months employing a similar methodology as analog video synthesis. I start with a general template and then copy/paste various blocks to further extend designs. At this point I’ve stabilized a “v1” method. At this stage I’m experimenting with a “v2” method where I want to make the blocks into a library. After that I’ll be onto the architecture phase so I can more accurately detail the flow, create a theme around it then decide on the output. The primary issue I have now is shader export and figuring out how to make it into a functional tool outside of the CLI. It will start as an automation tool and gradually evolve into that as I do more research on the best way to present it. I’v found several potential tools, but they have not worked exactly how I expected. Day by day.