Question about LZX-style CV (0-1V)

Hi, I recently got into analog video synthesis through Mainbow and Wavecomber, but I have a few questions about the CV standard. I’m very much a noob concerning eurorack so please have empathy :slight_smile:

Most other eurorack modules seem to operate around ±5v and up to about ±10 volts, but video modules seem to like using LZX standard for video CV frequency reasons?

If I plug 5v into Mainbow, it clips to 1v, correct? But I wish to know what the limits are so I don’t accidentally break it. Also what happens if there is negative voltage input?

I’ve just ordered the Behringer Abacus (Make Noise Maths clone) as I wish to have a module that can do LFO as well as some more complex CV modulation etc, however it seems the internal output for the LFO is a whopping +10v and generally the maximum output for all functions is in the ±10v range. I’ve noticed however that a lot of peoples’ racks include the Maths module for its variety of available funtions, even ones in video racks. How do you all keep it within LZX CV limits?

I was hoping to use a LZX Cadet Scaler to reduce output by 5:1, but that still leaves me in the ±1v range at 50% attenuation, and I dont know how to get that to above 0 volts from negative (bias/offset?). I’ve just been googling lots of things but I can’t seem to wrap my head around what the best solution would be without breaking the bank. I’d prefer a solution that can be dialled into the correct voltage range and left there, but that probably isn’t reasonable.

Probably my next choice of module will be a scope of some kind and perhaps a Syntonie LFO with the correct CV range out of the box.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!