Questions about capturing glitch art

Hello, hope everyone is having a good day! I had a show last night that went well for the most part. Im using the sync_ope as my “tbc” and it works for the most part for now but im just running it straight from my setup into my projector with my source video from my laptop. I don’t really understand how to get high quality glitches on high quality video? Also what program would I need to use for do live glitches, im thinking of buying avenue next Friday when it goes on sale.

I actually don’t have any experience capturing analog glitches, but Yovozol made a great video outlining three different options for doing it:

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Is there any other programs besides resolume his secret method would be possible in? I’m really interested in capturing the glitch through my laptop wether it be on a vj program or just straight into like premiere or after effects. I bet with touch designer it’s possible but I don’t know how to code :smiling_face_with_tear:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like his secret method isn’t actually related to capturing effects, but rather performing them. Plenty of people capture glitches with capture cards or re-scanning, neither of which require Resolume.

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What gear do you use for glitching - and how do you hook up sync-ope in your signal chain?

My preferred way is re-scanning from a CRT with a Black Magic Pocket 4K in RAW - and to colorgrade in post.