Questions about circuit bending, and mistakes I’ve made

Hello, I hope everyone is having a nice day! I just got back from tour and realized that I definitely need a real piece of circuit bent gear, rather than using either my t-420 or the circuit bent video enhancer from lullabymachines. Anyway, I’m working on a sima video editmaster plus and I think I shorted out the color part of the circuit. I really have gone into this completely blind and I tried watching every video about bending video circuits but yeah it’s still incredibly confusing.

In my list of units to bend I have 2 vidicraft proc amps, 2 mx pros, 2 mx-1s, Ave-5, and 2 av maestros which just have a single enhance slider. I’m probably going to go with the maestro first to practice but are any of these others I listed easy to bend? My final question is about the lvs 400, and wondering if that is possible to bend at all and why it seems no one has even tried to bend it.