R_e_c_u_r and soundreact plugin

Does anyone have a short and sweet rundown of how to get recur’s soundreact plugin to effect shader parameters?

I’ve got a small usb audio card that seems to be recognized by the plugin, but I can’t get my head around how I’m supposed to actually apply the values it gives me to shader parameters.

I’ve read through the documentation for soundreact and a page on using the modulation parameters but in many ways its just left me more confused…

I’ve got the soundcard running in, using my midi (nanokontrol2) to tweak the gain and threshold and i’m able to assign the values to modulation slots a,b,c,d, but none of them seem to control the parameters of the shader I have loaded in… I thought a,b,c,d would correspond to shader parameters 0-3 but they do not, and my rereading of the ‘using the modulation parameters’ page just has my head spinning even more.

can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks