R_e_c_u_r: Can I update to the latest dev branch just by checking it out?

I was trying to build an image based on dev using the readme in that branch, but there are so many version issues, I’m wondering if it would be easier to just push my working 2.2 sd card over to that branch. I can’t find any docs on this, either.

Is there an easy way to switch? Or does anyone have a recently built image based on dev?

Ok, so I had the thought to try the update software command (duh :man_facepalming:) and only after checked the terminal on the pi. Looks like it’s already checked out to dev. Was it always already on dev?

If so, I feel a bit silly lol. Either way, it looks like I’m up to date now.

hello @denkyuu - ahh yes sorry about this mess (and lack of documentation about it)… the latest versions of recur have been released on the dev branch…

the original plan was to put newer experimental changes out on dev and then after they had been tested etc then merge this back into master… but that merge never happened because i never got around to testing some of the new stuff that had been added to dev…

really should just merge it now tbh since the project is not in active development anymore

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Nice! Yeah, It seems fairly stable so it might be worth putting a pin in what’s there now. Maybe a new release will spur the community into getting it running on the pi 4/5 once it’s out :wink: