R_e_c_u_r clip changes too slow

Just built up my recur/incur and when I change clips it freezes for a second and then changes. Is there a way I can allocate more memory to it to make transitions faster? In all the examples online they load instantly but mine is not. They are longer clips and I am using random clip/random position. Could that be the cause? I have a music video shoot coming up and want it to be as smooth as possible. Thanks!

can you give some more info about the clips you are using and the settings in recur ?

  • whats the resolution and format of the clips ?
  • which videobackend are you using ?

the way recur should work (in default settings) is that you press a number key that loads that next clip into memory while the current one is still playing… so when you press the switch key it transisitons to it faster…

if you want to send me an example of your clips i can test it on my end and report back

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Okay, I did not know about pressing the number to preload the next clip. How does that work with random settings? I currently have some Space Sheriff Gavan episodes loaded that are mp4 format. I’m not sure about the resolution. It’s not great though… I tried pressing the number and it freezes the video for a instant when I press the number while it loads the next clip and then It freezeses for an instant when it changes. It does make the change quicker. The episodes are 24 minutes long so I think that could be part of the problem. Is there a maximum file length/size that’s recommended? The music video will be using much shorter clips of fireworks and text so I will load those up and see how they react. If that does help I will go through and cut out the best scenes from the episodes for my personal fun. That will help make every cut more exciting anyway.

Also, how would I check what video backend I am using?

i think the pre-loading happens automatically with random settings. it could be the length of the clips.

go into settings → video → VIDEOPLAYER_BACKEND:

if you are just sampling then i would recommend using omxplayer this seems to handle video playback the best. espically if your clips are hd. the other ones are really only optimized for sd video resolutions…

it should be able to handle 24min clips tho. i often use 1hr etc videos without this problem.

if the clips are 720p or 1080p tho thats probably the reason.


Changing the video backend to your suggestion helped! Much faster now. Thanks so much, this thing is just what I needed for an input source! I will have audio running into my zoia into envelope followers as well as a four channel sequencer set to midi and midi out of that into the incur to control it for live reactive visuals.

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Will shaders not work with this video backend?

yay ! glad that it helped !

nah - thats the trade_off. although the backend i assume u were using before ( ofxomxplayer ) should be able to handle sd clips of 30 mins H.264 without lag… so if ya want shaders aswell and wanna play around with the encodings / some different clips some more im sure you could get something working…

also could try how it is wihout the rand_start mode on - sometimes there is some lag when seeking to a point inside a video due keyframes / how it is compressed.

you also could try encoding your video with keyframes on every frame if you wanted to trade file size for seekablity

its a bit like this with the r_e_c_u_r project - it can do a lot of different things well on its own but when you start to combine them can be like whack-a-mole lol

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Keying every frame of the clips helped with the original backend lag so now they are changing fast and able to use shaders. I am working on the midi programming now and wondering what the difference is between layer_offset_#s, is that referring to each shader or shader bank or something else?

Edit, I figured it out. It’s each shader bank.

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