R_E_C_U_R Noob Help!

I have my unit assembled and it boots with no problem. However, I can’t get samples to play. The samples load into the “next” slot while the “now” slot remains empty and colored green. I’m sure that I am missing something simple. I am using a Targus USB number pad, with unmodified 2.0 firmware.

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After fiddling around for a bit, I realized that the number pad “enter” button must not be sending the letter “D”, as it should. That’s why clips wouldn’t play. Gonna see if I can figure out how to modify the key press file. Thanks for all the great projects and community! I really dig what folks in here are up to!!


not sure if you figured it out already yet, but the way recur sampler works (in seamless mode) is that pressing the numbered keys loads the sample into next, and pressing the switch (->) key switches the players (from next to now)

so to get the first sample playing you would need to first press 0 key to load sample in slot 0, and then press -> key to switch to the loaded next player. hope that makes sense ? also yeah it is possible some keypads are mapped a bit different

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Hey! Thanks for reaching out. I got it working with a different number pad. I love this in my setup!! An engineer friend of mine got me in to the RPI world recently so I’ve been learning on the fly. Thanks so much for this project and all of the support you put behind it!

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