R_e_c_u_r / shaders / DHCP - New user signing in for first time

Hi guys, first post, take it easy :wink:

I only really started looking and vj stuff recently, and i saw R_E_C_U_RBOY on a web site, and ordered a pcb from @cyberboy666 but i had some bad luck after i built it… i put the pi zero on backwards. I think i have damaged it, any way, as the screen stays white.

Anyway, while i was reading up on things, i saw that i could also run R_E_C_U_R on a pi 3 with a 3.5mm screen… i had upgraded a pi3 to a pi4 on a different project and that left me suitable device to start a build.

I bought the perfect $10 keypad and now i am video jamming

so i have a couple of questions…

  1. is it possible to run a shader that takes a 360 video as an input and allows you to spin around it with the parameters? Shader - Shadertoy BETA I found this, which seems to do it for a frame.

  2. is it possible to run more than 1 shader at a time and mix between them like layers?

  3. when i plug my r_e_c_u_r pi into my network it doesn’t DHCP… is that normal? how do i network to it?

Thanks in advance… i am sure i will have more questions so, but i am loving what i see so far!


Hi @BRock , welcome to Scanlines! I tagged your post #r_e_c_u_r and #shader, added something to the title and moved it to #help. Hope this helps =)

ok, thanks, hi.

So do i! :smiley:

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hi @BRock - im sorry to hear about your pi_zero experience - perhaps it is possible to narrow down some more what the problem is ? i have heard of the screens used for recurboy being damaged / not working on arrival which also results in white screening…

regarding your questions:

  • not all shaders you find on the web will work well on embedded system like the pi - but it could be worth a try - here you can find a tutrial where i explain how to convert a shadertoy shader into one that can run on recur.

  • yes it is possible to run more than 1 shader at a time and mix between them - its not that obvious / user friendly to do so as this is a feature i tacked on at the end ie wasnt designed to be used like this but:

this signal flow overview might help explain how you could achieve this

in summary you would load the two shaders you want to mix between into shader layers 0 and 1 , and then load a 2input shader (such as wipe) into layer 2.now when you change the layer2 parameter it should wipe between the shaders in layer0 and layer1

Thanks I will try all these and the midi ideas over the weekend…

I am currently walking home carrying something I bought for my setup…