R_e_c_u_r troubleshooting

I’m setting up a r_e_c_u_r and I’m having trouble loading video onto the device. I put a few .mp4 files onto a flash drive, attached it to the rPi before booting. The device doesn’t see any of the video files.

I’ve been looking for specs for the flash drive setup as well as the video files. I haven’t found any info. I’m on a mac.

I appreciate any help anyone can offer, thanks.

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Hi @PhotonBath ! Sounds weird / like you have done everything correctly.

Does it recognize your device at all (but without videos ) or not the device aT all ? Ie how does it look from the browser tab ?

hi @cyberboy666 thanks for reaching out. The device seems to be functioning OK, it shows 10 empty slots in the browser. I can dig through menus but nothing shows up. The external monitor shows the recur splash screen on load, then goes black once the system is up. (I assume because there are no videos or shaders present.) I’ve been trying to load both mp4 files and shaders with no luck. I put both on the flash drive. The flash drive is formatted MS-DOS FAT32. I’m attaching a screenshot of the recur homescreen as a screengrab of the flash drive file directory. I’m on a mac.

I have read that it’s better to put the mp4 files on the SD instead of a flash drive, I can try that if it helps. (The SD is a 32gb, I should have room.) I appreciate your help!

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10 empty slots in the SAMPLER tab is how it should look on a fresh install.

from the SAMPLER tab you should press the DSPLY button to switch to BROWSER tab. from here you should see your usb drive, and can navigate to a video file using < > and :black_square_button:

selecting a video here will map it to the first empty bank, going back to the SAMPLER tab you should be able to load and play it

can you try this / post a screenshot of the BROWSER tab ?

for shaders, there are some already on the image so these should be there regardless of if a usb drive is inserted or not. pressing DSPLY two more times should bring you to the SHADERS tab. here you can use <, > :black_square_button:to select a shader, and pressing fn + and 7 (i think) to switch it on/off.

lemme know how this goes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

OK, so the problem was completely my misunderstanding! I can now load up 10 samples and play them from the SAMPLER menu. I also see the shaders. Thank you very much for this help! I do appreciate it.

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Awesome ! and no worries. Lemme know if there is anything else confusing or not working. AlsoThe wiki page

Is open to edits if some instructions or guides could be improved or edited :angel: