R_e_c_u_r: videos on separate volume on same SD card?


I recently pulled my recur out for an upcoming show, but it wouldn’t boot. After flashing the SD card, it’s booting fine. Previously, I had a separate volume where I stored video files, but now I’m only seeing the boot folder when I connect the SD card to a Windows computer. Is there anyway to access the folders from Windows 11?


raspberry pi’s default Raspbian has two partitions: one boot partition formated as fat and the root partition with all files for the operating system formated as ext4

windows doesnt support ext4 drives by default but you can look around for a program that might help - ext2fsd might do this but not sure if its both read/write…

from some googling around i dunno if there is an easy way to do this. might be best to look into ssh method for transmitting files to the pi or maybe use a linux/mac computer to do this

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i’d generally recommend making a linux live usb drive, it’ll allow you to use just about any computer to boot into linux and then from there you can mount pretty much any kind of volume in read write. so you could access the ext4 partition on raspbian os sd cards, but also access mac formatted drives without having to install a bunch of wonky 3rd party things and more


Thanks to you both! I’ve been meaning to mess around with Linux on a live drive, so I’ll give that a shot. I’ll also mess around with rpi OS to get the wifi up and running.