Reading the Datasheet

Hi guys, im desperate for some help on some papers for a chip. Its about this Chip: CA31883E
I can only find 2 differents types of Datasheets, and there is no pin-description. Is there a way to read out data, to see where are Ground and Volt Pins?



Best Greetings and Thanks Caesar!

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It doesn’t have ground and volt pins. It’s just five transistors in a chip package.


Thanks a lot bscm, so i can circuitbend any point, thats totally new to me, never thaught that a chip does not have v or ground connections. :slight_smile:

Last question, so its possible that a chip is only to have v but no ground, for example in this case, there is no ground at all? LM1881N pdf, LM1881N Description, LM1881N Datasheet, LM1881N view ::: ALLDATASHEET :::

Pin 4 is ground. Usually with the notch on your left (so pin 1 is bottom left) the ground is bottom right pin (pin 4 on an 8-pin chip) and + is top left pin (pin 8 on an 8-pin chip). Also, as soon as I saw the image, I knew what chip it was!

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That little south-facing triangle is Ground. :slight_smile:

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Schematics are funny things and the visual language and style of electronic schematics changes as time goes on. Old styles fall out of fashion and new styles bubble up. Some symbols have been determined to be outdated and some new symbols need to be invented to represent new concepts. That being said, all of these are Ground :slight_smile:


Awesome, you guys really helping! Thanks again bsom and revjon! If you totally new its really tough. This Symbols great, i was pretty unsure, because i knew that “chasis ground” symbol is ground, i called it devils-scepter. But now i know there are some different symbols for ground. Amazing, through that chip-encrypment, i got finally a stable videosynth! THANKS!

Otherwise, i know now that VEE or VCC definetly not ground. I cant help myself, im really reading this whole datasheet, there is no description for those g2b, g1b, g2a, g1a points, what are ground on this ?`
Have VEE and VCC on 5 & 10

just got this info at this G pins:

The Ti version of the chip has a much more legible datasheet and basically you can choose three levels of gain by connecting different combinations of pins or none connected at all. The notes in the Ti data sheet are easier to read and explain it

Also Vee can be ground, or negative current. More info on Vss Vdd Vcc and Vee here


thank you again! great job!

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