Recommendation for a live camera for an analog setup

Dear community,

i‘m currently using the 3TrinsRGB and the mismatcher in my setup and would like to include a live camera in the setup. And i wanted to ask your recommendations/experiences.
I‘ve been looking into CCTV cameras and was wondering if there are tips what to consider.
I want to avoid any adaptation between the camera signal and the synthies, so idealy work with bnc/cinch connection.

thank you!

Maybe get a cheap camera with composite out from Aliexpress? I got this one, and it works fine:

Interesting. How is the focusing done on those AliExpress cameras, via a menu?

I have a few Ganz CCTV cameras that I picked up from eBay. They are pretty good since there’s no on screen displays and the manual focus works well with controlling feedback but they do all have dead pixels.