Recommended Gain/Bias/Other Settings for Sony PVMs

Howdy everyone!

It’s been such a rich and rewarding journey of trial and error getting into all this analog glitch art, but sometimes it can be kind of maddening.

That said, I thought I’d consult with y’all’s shared experience to see what gain/bias settings you’ve found to be the sweet spot for proper glitch mixer response.

For reference, using a basic dirty mixer deluxe from decayed electronics and sony pvm 9LI

I ask because that particular pvm seems rather reluctant to put out proper glitches compared to my sony wega and sony pvm that has a setting for v-sync in the back.

With the 9LI, there’s no settings to adjust sync rate, so I figured this would be the next area to consider.

Could it also be due to using a passive mixer? I’m using an amplified splitter to send the signal, but even that seems lacking with the 9LI.

Greatly appreciate any shared wisdom, y’all are awesome.


Hi @WavyGravy and welcome to scanlines!

We Pixelflowers don’t own pvms and usually use CRT home TVs, but in some cases we had access to Sony pvms for individual shows. In those cases we didn’t need to tweak in any particular ways the monitor controls in order to achieve results similar to what we were getting on the TVs.

I’ve just now checked the Sony 9L1 manual (I found links here Sony PVM-9L1 Monitor Color Monitor) but I couldn’t find anything to suggest. By the way, I couldn’t find any “gain/bias” settings in the menu.

Do your other monitors have loopback outputs and if yes, have you tried connecting to either of them the 9L1 input?