recurBOY assembly walkthrough

Sharing a recurBOY build video my buddy made. I thought it was particularly useful becauase he has to do some troubleshooting of his build, so it includes tips that are generally helpful when doing DIY builds of what to check and how


Yuss this is such a nice walkthrough !

Really appreciate anyone taking time to make these kind of things.

I know they had an issue with the presoldered smd ic in the kit that was totally my fault (was using different solder to usual and got a bit over confident / didnt chexk the joints like i usually do)

So ya you can usually expext smd soldering to b tested even in kits - although that is also part of the idea buying a kit rather than assembled is all the parts together wont be tested until u build it


Thanks guys! This was a super fun board to build and it’s been a great addition to my video projects. I was a little hesitant to include the debugging part, partially because I didn’t want to unfairly throw anyone under the bus and drag people through all of my other mistakes. I ultimately kept it because debugging and learning are a big part of the joy of DIY kits as Tim said. There’s at least a 50% chance I would have cooked the smd chip if I’d soldered it myself anyway :laughing:

Super cool project overall. I haven’t done many Raspberry pi projects, and seeing the terminal looking almost exactly like my old Linux box was good added nostalgia :slight_smile: Happy to be connected with the scanlines community