recurBOY assembly

I’m slowly trying to put together my recurBOY. A very simple but crucial question that I haven’t managed to find the answer for is how to orient the Europower pinheader - J10. Is the hole marked with a square where the -12v goes?

hi @Gnapp - ah that is a good question…

although it has the header for eurorack it doesnt have regulators to take +12v directly from rails…

recurboy only has the footprint to take from the (extra) +5v rail on 16pin power if you are using this on your rack already…


pins 11 & 12 on recurboy pcb are at the bottom of the header footprint so you will need to mount the socket with the little gap facing inwards to the pcb (so rotated 180degrees from how it is in this diagram)

does that make sense ?

This makes perfectly sense, thank you @cyberboy666. I take it that when I use this +5v (which I already use for other modules) there will be no need to power the RPI through it’s USB-power-port, right?

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thats correct ! it will receive power straight to the gpio pin. be aware this may bypass the voltage protections onboard rpi so make sure the voltage being sent is correct

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