recurBOY Availability and Classes

Heya @cyberboy666 - thanks for all your hard work and sharing your projects with the world. I’m excited to see underscores grow!

I’m personally interested in building a recurBOY and possibly teaching a class or two on the topic. Is there any word on availability to order the parts/kits directly from you?

Hii @t4c0c4t - thanks for the kind words ! Yes for sure - can do a group deal if you wanna run a workshop , and im happy to help with it as much as i can.

Theres a slightly longer lead time on revurboy kits than some of the other projects bcoz a few parts can only be sourced from china. But lately thats been getting faster also. Send me an email on and we can work sonething out. This is something i would like to facilitate more of in the future, so keen to hear how it goes for you and any thoughts on making it smoother for others also :))