recurBOY for AE modular

Hi folks!
Love this project :slight_smile: i took a shot at converting it into something which would fit into a Tangible Waves system - there’s a couple of quirks to iron out, but it mostly works as expected! When it’s complete, i’d like to make the PCB design available for others who might be interested, since there aren’t any other video synth projects in that ecosystem. A couple of questions on that matter: 1) is that ok?? 2) would you prefer me to not use the ‘recurBOY’ name? I definitely don’t want to step on any toes :smile:

A couple of images of the work in progress version:


Hii @faux_cyrillic - thanks for the interest in this project !

Nice work with the adaption of the circuit - i like the way the pi0 sticks through the panel exposing hdmi and usb plugs from the front ! For my own wip eurorack adaption i have been trying to figure out best way to expose these

Iv never heard of tangable waves system before interested to look more into this…

Regarding your question of adaption and nane use:

in general the open source licence only dictates that you give attribution and (since its copy-left) any derivatives are also made open.

Different people feel differently about use of naming or not for dirivatve projects - theres no real convention here so in general it pays to ask about this (as you have) - i dont mind if you use the recuurboy name or not - happy for it to be used so long as its clear that im not obliged to servicing or supporting these…

Maybe this is conveyed by not including on the pcbs ?

Let me know if you have any more questions - happy to help!


Nice adaptation, @faux_cyrillic! Not a lot of depth to those cases. How are the risers working out for you?

I was about to ask why it was sticking through, but this totally makes sense.

Thanks both!
@joem Yes the lack of depth poses some interesting challenges for sure. I’ve worked on a couple of eurorack ports before which use boards like Raspi Pico or Teensy - such as EuroPi - and it can be a tight fit indeed.
The other problem is TW uses a flying bus cable for power which needs to tuck away under the module somewhere… i didnt quite factor in enough room for this so it won’t sit properly in the case right now :grimacing: I’ve redesigned another version where the lowest-hanging board is somewhat shorter, and in theory it should be able to sit flush with the other modules using standard risers :slight_smile: Will find out in a few days hopefully!