Recurboy playback issues

Just threw a recurboy together and some videos won’t play. I downloaded some particlesintowaves packs for testing and grayscales (640x480) and refractions (1280x720) work but oscillations (720x480) don’t and my own videos (mostly 4:3 800x600) also won’t play. I let it sit after selecting just in case it was a loading issue or something but no dice. I haven’t taken a deep dive into the coding but anyone know if this little dude is picky about resolution? I don’t mind chopping some up but I’d rather not waste the time if there is an easier solution.

let me test with those videos you mentioned and get back to you

Very much appreciated. I doubt I’ll end up with any of those packs on the device but curious if there is something in the config that needs to be modified.

USB adapter finally came in the mail and everything plays beautifully from an external drive so I’ll just continue that way and maybe try to troubleshoot when I need a puzzle.

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ok i will still test - nice to know whats happening in there.

in general sd resolution is preferred. and seems like mp4 files play best but i can test on a few different encodings and try narrow it down some more too. gonna try writing a proper FAQ for recurboy at some stage so it will be good to know!