Recursive news setup diagrams

while we were putting together our setup for recursive news, a collaborative performance for /'fu:bar/, i made these diagrams of our setup. figured i would share them here if anyone was curious – we ended up adding a few more connections and preview monitors after these were made, but they still gives the general idea.

(if anyone missed the perfomance and wants to check it out, there is a link to the recording which i believe will stay up for about 3 more days (through sunday october 18): and then it will be up on the /'fu:bar/ archive at some point in the future)

here are the diagrams! all the pink boxes in the video setup are video mixers/switchers.


we did have one more thing not shown in the second diagram, simply a second 2 channel interface for grabbing the stereo audio signal out from the audio mixer/fx laptop. the effects used were a granular pitchshifter + delay as well as a frequency shifter + delay with feedback. I do recommend stereo audio while enjoying this for optimizing the hallucinatory spatio temporal effects.


“Optimizing the Hallucinatory Spatio-Temporal Effects” - great album name :rofl:

Gotta say, you guys killed it with this broadcast! So abstract yet had just enough plot that I was super engaged throughout.

A++ please make more of these!