Registration open for online classes in video synthesis, chaos theory, and video art-May 2022

i’ve got a new series of online classes open for registration for this May!
Intro to Video Synthesis on the Raspberry pi-covers the basics of how to design, modify, and experiment with using raspberry pi as a video processor/synthesizer! any amount of coding experience recommended
Chaos Theory, Generative Art, and Experimental Coding-is a fun combo course covering the basics of Chaos Theory and the basics of writing your own programs in Processing with a focus on the stuffs that is highly relevant to experimental and creative art! No coding experience necessary
Magick, Video Art, and Narrative-is a lecture & discussion based class that is based on expanding and improving narrative flow in improvisational and compositional video art. absolutely zero coding involved whatsoever.


Really excited about the class on Magick and Video Art!

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Had a great time at your RPi / OpenFrameworks course last month, Andrei! Highly recommended, and hope to catch another one of your courses when I have some more free time in the future.

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just a reminder to folks that registration for these classes ends this week and the sessions begin next week!