Reminder to donate towards scanlines server costs if you can

this forum is maintained and moderated by volunteers from the community it serves

recently a fair bit of effort was put into migrating our servers from digital ocean to hetzner which almost halved our operating costs… and will hopefully ensure this lil pocket of weirdness on the web sticks around for years to come

still we got bills to pay (just under 30euros a month now) and it would be nice if the volunteers who lovingly donate their time dont also end up always picking up the bill

so please give a little if you can afford it !

:sparkles: :scanlines: :sparkling_heart: :portapak: :sparkles:
much love


Setup $2 / month for two years, which the site suggested one time $48 payment to keep fees down. :grin: :vulcan_salute:

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Ia it possible to set it up to accept payment in Euro so we can use bank transfers? It should save on the fees and would also just be a little easier.