Repurpose an old analog tv video card capture

Hi there, I got a Pinnacle analog tv capture card with a Bt484 chip. And I wonder if there is anything I could use it for. I have just encountered this community and perhaps you have a better idea on what can be done with it.

If this is not the right place to post this question, I am happy to move it elsewhere.


Still haven’t got around to writing up notes ( not had access to equipment for quite a while ), but there is some info here:

Brooktree / Conexant based capture card will work easily with Linux and show up as a video source like a webcam.

So technically I could make use of it, if I used linux, but I guess there is no chance to make it work with Windows 10 at all.

Maybe there’s a driver maybe not. Only way to tell is to try it and see ( and report back results ).

So far I have encountered some old drivers, but none of them seem to work. I have seen some people to be successful with a DScaler modded version, having the BIOS in legacy mode. But I haven’t managed to make it work.

I have managed to make it work in Windows!

You need to activate the DirectX 9 compatibility layer: Control panel > programs > programs > activate or deactivate windows functions > legacy components > Activate Direct play.

Then you need to download a couple of unofficial fixes for DScaler, then install it: DScaler :: View topic - DScaler release 4.2.3 alpha

Then you need to replace all installation files with another unofficial fix: DScaler 4.2.3a \ VOGONS

Then you need to make sure to select the right TV tunner, in my case:

And voila, it works. You can capture everything using DScaler.

Main problem, it only works within DScaler, this means, you can´t use the output for OBS or similar. You can capture the windows of DScaler with OBS, but DScaler is the only thingy getting the image.

More info: RMRubert's blog: Repurposing an old Pinnacle TV capture card

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