RF modulator to Sony Trinitron BNC

Trying to go from an Acousticolor to an RF modulator to a Sony Trinitron. I cannot locate the correct cabling to get from the RF modulator (RF out) to the Sony (BNC in). Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!

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The fact that it’s BNC makes me think it isn’t actually expecting an RF signal. Are you sure it’s not just regular composite video input?

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Right! Do you have a suggestion on how to go from RF modulator to a BNC input? Is it possible? TY!!

what I mean is that I don’t think you need the RF modulator. I think you can just go directly from the Acousticolor (presuming it has composite/CVBS out) to the Trinitron. I don’t really know whatn an Acousticolor is, what kind of outputs does it have?

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I found your other post on the Acousticolor so now I see that this has been an issue for you for some time, can you share a picture of the back of it?

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Oh thank you - yes - here is the output of the Acousticolor:

And here is the input of the Sony:

Even when I plug an RCA directly between the Acousticolor and the Sony (bnc/rca adapter) I only get a blank screen. I have tried the cables on other devices and the input of the Sony with other devices and those are not failing.

An RCA jack on a device of this vintage pretty much means it should be CVBS/composite, so it should work going directly to the RCA>BNC adapter you have there.

Those adapters are generally very crappy, so there’s an outside chance that adapter is the problem and you should try another, but you said that you’ve tried other devices, so it sounds like that adapter works. The Acousticolor may not work, which is very sad.

Do you possibly have an oscilloscope to see if a signal is coming out of the acousticolor?

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Maybe something like this is what you are looking for


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