Roland V4EX Midi Control Guide

Hey y’all - I’m preparing for the plunge down the mixer MIDI rabbit hole and what a way to start with presumably the most complex MIDI beast - the V4EX.

Unfortunately, there is no MIDI information for it in the manual - it simply links to a separate guide on

but it’s a dead link :frowning:

Wondering if any of y’all might have a copy of this guide? I’m mainly trying to figure out the capabilities and the difference between STD, MVC, etc. in the V4EX midi settings. It seems you can only output sync signals via the USB input and need to use the 5pin for actual remote commands? Not sure

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Just grabbed this from Roland’s site when I googled Roland V-4EX MIDI, hopefully this is what you’re looking for?

v4ex_manual_remote_e01.pdf (1.1 MB)

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Thank you! I probably could’ve done better research