RS322 to RS422 to din 8?

Hello everyone.

I’ve been trying to make translate unit. It operates on RS232 interface. Unfortunately, my mixer (Panasonic WJ-MX20) uses RS422 interface. I bought RS232 to RS422 converter that looks like this:

I can’t exactly figure out how should wire between converter and din 8. Mixer’s manual shows something like this, but uses different names for pins.

How can I “translate” symbols for both sides (converter and din 8)?

Another thing is that I received converter with 5 slots, so I need to get another one :frowning:

Thanks for your time!

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hey @vvaltz! sorry I haven’t seen your post before and I hope you haven’t bought another adapter as this one should work just fine. Judging by the images you provided the pinout would be as follows:

Left          Converter phoenix connector      Right
| T/R+ | T/R- | RXD+ | RXD- |   GND   |    VCC     |
   |      |      |      |        |          |
| 5-TA | 1-TB | 2-RA | 3-RB | 6&7-GND | 12V+ DC PS |
      DIN8 (Pin number - Pin name)    | External power supply

I think you should be good without power supply (PS), but in case it won’t work you need to connect HOT/+ wire from PS to VCC and COLD/- wire to GND.

Let me know if it works for you!

i like this idea of adapting the transcribe project to also work with rs422 - at this stage panasonic mx20 is the only device i knw of that would be useful for - happy to hear from other people out thr who have othtr things that midi to rs422 might help with their setup ?

i did a little research and it seems like a max485 chip plus some extra passives should be able to take arduino level serial and shift to rs422 directly…


ima keep track of this progress here - but ultimately a revision to transcirbe circuit that either allowed both options or had some expansion pins to add this would be nice. although its not a high prioty to revise transcribe for me right now…

…but in the meantime (and for testing purposes ) i thought making a fork of transcribe and to replace the rs232 circuitry with this differnt rs422 circuit could be a fun side quest …

hmu if anyone wants to test rs422 fork circuit too :wink:

@pavel Thanks for reply! Unfortunately, my mixer is still not responding, so how should I approach adding VCC to this setup? Seller messed up order and got connection board without VCC slot. I can only think of getting dsub connector and solder pins.

@cyberboy666 yess, I can test it in the future

@vvaltz what kind of device are you using to send a command to the mixer? is there any cable in between that device and the mixer? have you enabled 422 control on the mixer as described in the manual? I’m pretty sure the mixer doesn’t need power supply as it is not mentioned on the pinout scheme, so it must be something with the cable/pinout (e.g. TX and RX are inverted) or with connection settings (e.g. mismatched baud rate)