Saturday 11 Sep 2021: Pixelflowers VJ live sets in Germany + France

We Pixelflowers are a VJing duo, and we usually make live visuals together, but this week-end we will split across the European continent, in order to spread our colorful pixel virus to the widest possible area.

We will perform simultaneously in Berlin -at an Art Bei Ton event- and somewhere in France. These are both private, unofficial techno parties; if you would like to attend, please get in touch with us (via email: pixelflowers at privacyrequired dot com, via Instagram, or with a private message here hoping the notifications will work)!

A recent Pixelflowers VJ set at a techno party in Berlin. Photo and edit by Ali Bay

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@wakest is in berlin right now!


side note: I just made a vanity search for ‘Pixelflowers’ on Google and currently this post (which is 2 days old) is the 9th result on the first page of search results, and (with regard to SEO) this is nuts.