Scanlines 1 year birthday coming up

i got a domain renewal email and realized that will be 1 year old as of april 20th, 2021. wow ! i somehow didn’t realize it’s been that long already. how time flies in quarantine zones…

anyways, i just wanted to mention it and say thanks to everyone who has participated in this ongoing community experiment. it has been great to have a place outside of The Face Website etc. to discuss weird audiovisual things, and i’m happy to see more and more people using it as we go.


Yay ! :partying_face: :balloon:

maybe we should have a community live stream to celebrate ? something like - anyone on scanlines who wants submit a short av piece (~<10mins) created in the last year, and we get together on the chats to watch em / hang out


that sounds like fun!

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Ps was scanlines actually born on 4/20 ? Lol nice


yeah it was … i know!! … well technically the domain was purchased 4/19 but the discourse itself opened up to peoples on 4/20


we would be up for submitting some video or streaming
:slight_smile: love it here

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always down for impromptu stream hangs. also pot is now legal in new york state, seems kinda crazy but i’m guessing a lot of graft had to get sorted out first

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That would be fun!

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ok call for participation is up - pls get amongst it :blush:

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