Scanlines 3yr birthday showcase - open call for submissions!

there might be a bug in the timezone / date module on this forum (or maybe im just getting confused about timezones again lol :exploding_head: :earth_asia: )

but just to be clear this event should be happening at:

4/20/23 - 4:20pm EDT ( UTC-4 ) == (not EST as poster originally stated )

which means:

  • 4:20pm in NEW YORK ( EDT - UTC-4)
  • 1:20pm in LOS ANGELES ( PDT - UTC-7 )
  • 10:20pm in BERLIN ( CEST - UTC+2 )
  • 8:20am in WELLINGTON ( NZST - UTC+12)

2023-04-20T20:20:00Z2023-04-20T22:00:00Z - this is correct

2023-04-20T20:20:00Z2023-04-20T22:00:00Z - this is incorrect - somehow the forum doesnt know what timezone new zealand is in :rage:


submissions are open right up until showtime ! if you submit after the screening has started i will do my best to add you on at the end but no promises :slight_smile:

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Ahhhhhh I apparently blipped out of existence for almost a year! tl;dr new job (good!) and health problems (bad!) Was just faffing about in ffmpeg and realized it was almost the twentieth of April. Hope you’ll still have my submission! :joy_cat:

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of course - thanks for submitting @robp !

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…done! …




getting excited for this !

just testing the streams and checking all the submissions so far play nicely

we will be playing through the shorts in reverse alphabetical order of your scanlines username so come early to see the zzzz’s and late for the aaaa’s !!

also forgot to mention that you can submit multiple works if you like so long as the total length per person is less than 10mins… so if you already put in a short one and have another feel free to send it through


…i am sorry in case i overlooked something obvious - but: i cannot find the link to the stream (yet) - could someone please point me in the right direction?…

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I read it as link to submit : )

…i am actually used to deal with different timezones on a daily basis - but this one i really do not get…

…is this supposed to say that i’ll have to wait another ~10 hours (being in the Berlin-timezone at the moment) for the stream? :flushed:

…in this case the 24 hour-time-format (which is usually used when talking across time-zones in my ‘circles’) might have helped? - so the stream takes place in central-europe on the 21st(!) at midnight (00:00 CET) and not on the 20th at noon (as the 12 AM might suggest - noon is 12 PM then?!?) ?..


I think it starts at Midnight for us Euros yeah, however that would be twenty past midnight if the twenty past part is correct.

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yup 12am is midnight. ironically the timezone converter plugin was probably made by someone in the U.S. as 12-hour time is the standard here :upside_down_face:


…uhm - tommorrow evening i‘d be in Charlotte and the streams schedule would fit perfectly - but tonight being in the Berlin-timezone means i‘ll not be able to watch a stream that starts after midnight - hope it will somehow be online a little longer…

I love the 24H clock it’s way easier! It’s always confusing converting TZ for me, even using online converters I can still get it wrong because of the date line.

…uh! - do we have a link to the stream yet, btw.?…

hope it will somehow be online a little longer

i believe @cyberboy666 is going to record the stream for archive.

do we have a link to the stream yet

it’s happening right here, at the top of the forum (home page or works on any page on


also, if you’re in Berlin I believe the stream will begin at 10:20pm / 2220 for you. 12am/midnight is the end of the stream. sorry for any confusions


woo just got my submission in! unfortunately I won’t be able to be here for this one. Looking forward to watching as it sounds like it is being recorded!
thank you so much for putting this all together.

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Just sent mine in! Please let me know if it worked.

So excited!! Took the day off from work to watch!


thanks so much to everyone who submitted and who tuned in - another great scanlines birthday ! :balloon: :tv: :scanlines: :cake: :mate: !

to those who couldnt make it i uploaded the entire thing to our video hosting:

check it out !

same as last years i will take this down in week or so - watch it while u can !