Scanlines 3yr birthday showcase - open call for submissions!

as some of u may remember was born 20th april 2020 → for the last two years we celebrated this occasion with a showcase live_stream of av works created by this community - i would be v keen to do this again !

so heres the brief:

  • please send me a short video (around 10 minutes or less) of something you have created in the last year - it could be anything, from a finished av piece to a recording talking about a process or project…
  • you can submit using this form . submissions will be open up until a day or so before.

as usual the stream event will be scheduled for 2023-04-20T21:20:00Z2023-04-20T23:20:00Z

it usually runs for a couple of hours depending on number of submissions - the past events have been really fun and wholesome so i hope many of you can join us this time !


I’m thinking it might be just silly enough to reprocess our submission from either year 1 or year 2. I truly don’t remember what we used though gotta go rewatch.

I’m pumped for this as always.

Just recently got V3 of the system fully setup so now it is time to start ripping.

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wooo :colour_bar:


Cool. Have you considered having the stream later in the day/evening? Sounds great but that is very early for a Thursday in PST.

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i know - its much earlier here in nz lol. if we go any later then its the wee hours in europe tho

this seems to be the sweet spot where atleast most of the places its waking hours…

will make a recording of it also - but its not the same as being there !


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


What time did scanlines go online?
I will do a birth chart composition.
If it’s not known I can use 0000 midnight


love this idea !

i reckon we should measure it from the time of the first post on the Introduce yourself! thread:

this is from my computer currently set to NZDT tho: 2020-04-19T16:42:00Z

the real question however is what timezone was scanlines born in ? lol

from memory the founding members were split between berlin & new york city

I would suggest Andreijs time zone as he posted the first comment :smile:
Don’t know how to tag a user here though, can u work out the difference?

Wellington is 16 hours ahead of nyc so is that 2:42 am? M easily mixed up with this

ok here is a more accurate birth date and time:

this comment was created by the system the moment the forum went online:


which is 10:49am on 20th april in nyc (where the server this forum runs on is sitting also)

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Perfect thanks. For some reason I missed this response:)