Scope alternative

Wondering if there’s an alternative to using a proper scope to test out an OGA…some way to send cv to midi to software or elsewise? It’s proving difficult to source an affordable and useable scope where I’m at and an OGA awaits testing. Thanks for any ideas!

you can send the X and Y outputs of the OGA into an audio interface as 2 channels of audio input (the signal might be a bit hot but usually you can trim it down), then use a software oscilloscope such as this: Oscilloscope Music - Osci to view the signal.

if the interface can do 96k you will get better results, but with any 44.1 or 48 you should still be able to see something.

the outputs of the OGA are effectively audio outputs, they operate at a very high frequency compared to the usual ranges of cv or midi.

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If it wasn’t so hard to get STM32 microcontrollers right now, there are some promising DIY oscilloscopes based on them.

This looks promising. 200kHz isn’t up to the video range but it would be more than enough for anything I need to do.

There are plenty of $25-$35 kits online that also promise siilar specs, but I have no idea if any of them are good enough to actually be worth the time building one.

Unfortunately my old, trashpicked analog scope stopped syncing a couple years ago (internal and external sync are both gone) so it only works as an X/Y vector scope now, so finding a cheap alternative that’s good enough for calibrating synths and stuff is something I need to do also, and I’ll definitely keep my eye on this thread.

If you’r eonly measuring line level signals then an audio interface and software will definitely outperform anything under a few hundred dollars, though.

This was immensely helpful. It worked! If you have any other free mac scope or analyzer recs I’d love to hear, seems like osci is the only free one that really does it right. Maybe some vst or max patch I’m missing? Seriously, thanks again for your help. You saved a potentially abandoned project from the 70s

Hoping to turn this thread into an analyzer software share…hard to find any solid free stuff, even paid stuff looks a bit wonky for the costs. Any and all suggestions welcomed and appreciated!

most of the other ones i’ve used are inside VST plugins, for example the ones that come with reaper are pretty decent.

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