Sega and vcr bending

Anyone know of informative materials online that would help me with circuit bending my Sega Genesis and a vcr?

I don’t think there’s much useful you could get out of trying to bend a VCR, unless maybe it was one of those higher end Sony betamax decks that had built in effects. If you have a direct dive one you might be able to hijack the motors so that you could scrub, but even that would be the same as using a og wheel (except hopefully more immediate, if you had direct, through-zero control of the motor speed and direction) but that would probably be pretty complicated.

For the Genesis, I don’t know any specific resources but this Reddit thread was the second or third search result and looks promising:

No specific bend points but since it’s all happening on the video chip you can track down the piout from that to make sure you don’t short the wrong legs and damage something (don’t short anything to power supply legs on the chip, and check the maximum voltage that the other legs can handle or put out to make sure none of your other connections are likely to damage it - usual circit bending stuff).

If you haven’t done any circuit bending before, Reed Ghazala’s book is still good.