Semi-regular alcohol driven topic post forthcoming

Well yes, It’s nearly eleven pm UK time and I’ve just picked up a pair of Pioneer DVJX1000’s. So I’m thinking of taking my SD based content and mixers etc. and going full retro.

Any pointers on cheap upscaling from SD to 720p at all? I have a Blackmagic capture (USB3) device that will probably do it nice enough, just looking for other options.



this would be a good place to start

extron dvs series is nice and cheap if you have space
they also cover a lot of ins and outs

are you wanting to go component / hdmi / sdi ?

Currently to HDMI. I’ve also taken a closer look at the Blackmagic (Intensity shuttle USB3) and I think i can either pass through or just capture. Tad of latency i assume however may be the solution I already own.