SHOTTA - video screengrabber

Hey all, wanted to share this before I forget:


SHOTTA is an app I threw together for taking screen grabs from a video (usually in a process where the outputs to to neural-enhance).

It has some AVFoundation niceness so you can skip around the timeline really responsively, randomise playhead position etc, then screen grab with a single key.

There are two modes: CROP and RESIZE, which use the ratio of the window to either: crop or toggle. The pixel size of the window won’t effect the output resolution, and the app will work out the most “non-destructive” resolution to output as (ie. longest side).

To change the ratio (4:3, 16:9, etc) press 1 - 6
To toggle CROP / RESIZE press Tab
To take a screen grab press C (outputs to the Desktop)
To randomise press R
And to skip around on the timeline, press LEFT and RIGHT (and with SHIFT)

That’s about it! In theory it should compile to Windows, Linux too though I don’t have those machines to hand right now.

Download v0.1 (macOS)



This is helpful, I can try it out in windows a little later to test. I usually use the screenshot feature in Adobe Premiere for exporting of stills.

Did you compile it OK? If so, shot me (ha ha!) the Windows version and I can put it in Releases

oops sorry for the lack of update. I realized I do not know how to compile it. I am willing to try to figure it out because I did not spend too much time digging in it.