Signal quality on cheap composite-video splitters

Have you ever used cheap/unbranded powered composite-video splitter like this one and if yes, what kind of signal degradation did you notice? Image quality vs. signal stability vs. other issues?..

For budget reasons we’re considering to buy one. We’d use in the middle of our signal path, which I guess would enhance any signal degradation (compared to use it at the end, eg before multiple TV screens).


ive personaly used even cheaper and hackier ways to split video signals over rca and coax without much impact on my lifestyle. crisp clean signals has never been a massive priority in my life tho. i will admit that working with a decent distribution amp does simplify things a bit tho. if i got something like this id want to also hack a couple of dirty mixers into the mix as well for fun


I am super-lucky: sometimes I’ve been able to pick up 10 channel 10-output-per-channel ex-TV station video distribution amplifiers for next to nothing at local auctions. If you can then I highly recommend taking the time to track down and regularly check the local auction houses in your city; it might take a while but has the potential to be well worth it.

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Using two cheap 8-10 channel Distribution amps in my System withhout any Problems

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Thank you all! I bought one and will be using it in our livestreaming later today. I plan to use it to split my partner’s signal in order to route it to 1) a computer display for them to do video feedback, 2) the Luma input on the LZX Vidiot I use and 3) my FX chain. Previously, I had been using (wasting) one of the two inputs on our Panasonic WJ-AVE5, its Monitor output + two of its Rec outputs.

At a first glance I couldn’t notice any relevant signal issues :wine_glass: