Sima sfx-m Power Supply

I just got one of these sima sfx-m units for $40 at the cost of no power supply. I bought a 1 amp 18v ac power supply from amazon but the unit still doesn’t seem to be turning on. But the guy I bought it from said he was using it just prior to shipping it out. Can anyone with this unit tell me what power supply they’re using or if anyone has an extra I would be willing to buy it.

18VDC @ 800ma Center Positive
Do you have a link to the Amazon supply you bought?

1 Like sadly that’s exactly what I bought.

This may sound silly, but have you been able to verify that the power supply works at all? Do you have a multimeter or something else you can try to power with it?

I do have a multi meter, would I just put each end of it to each prong that goes in the wall to test it? I don’t have any other units that take 18v

no onto prongs - you would plug it in (into wall) and (after putting multimeter in V->20 mode or similar) put one end inside the barrel and the other on the outside - like this (i can see the supply im using here is 5v) :

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