Sleepy Circuits Hypno

I got a hold of a Hypno, and put together a feature on it:

I wasn’t interested when it first came out as it seemed like ‘just’ a digital video synth, but with the internal feedback modes and the mp4 playback/video input then it’s pretty great.

Anybody else using one?


I really like the idea of the device but for me, as you mentioned in your great review, I think the very digital-looking feedback look you get is what’s putting me off.

Still a really well developed tool though!

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Yes, like @hellocatfood, I have been a little put off by the digital look. I got a chance to play with a Hypno at Superbooth this year, and I agree, it is a really great tool for someone just getting interested in video or for one-man-band situations.

Anyways, thanks for the cool review! It did leave me with one very important questions though: where did you get that wonderful sweater?

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Oh and also what was the midi controller you were using? I missed it in the video because every time I paused, the title was over your notes.

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where did you get that wonderful sweater?

Haha. It was from this Swedish brand called - I got it through ASOS in the UK. It is not only delightfully ridiculous but also very soft.

what was the midi controller you were using?

The Erae Touch from Embodme! ERAE Touch: The #1 Polyphonic MIDI Controller in MPE

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Just got one a couple weeks ago and I’m haveing fun yest still need to focus properly on it. Thanks for suggesting it